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New Myaung Mya Bridge Project with Ministry of Construciton
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PC Bridge Girder

   ■  Advantage of Pre-cast Girder

      –  High quality can be maintained by manufacturing in the factory

      –  Minimize the temporary yard at the project site

      –  Minimize the work period at the project site

      –  Minimize the supervising engineer at the project site

      –  No interruption due to the rain

      –  Easy to transport the segmental girder to the erection point

Post-tensioned Segmental I Girder
Post-tensioned Box Girder
Post-tensioned Segmental T Girder
Post-tensioned Segmental Hollow Girder

New Myaung Mya Bridge Project

   Project Owner                            Ministry of Construction

   Project Location                         Myaung Mya District , Ayeyarwaddy Region, Myanmar

   Standard Specification              Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)

   Bridge Type                                (Main) Steel Truss Bridge 

                                                        (Approach) 4 Post-Tensioned Segmental I Girder

   Bridge Length                            Total Length – 830meter

                                                        Main               – 290meter

                                                        Approach      – 540meter