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PC Spun Pile

Quality can be maintained by manufacturing
High Strength , High Capacity
Wide Storage Yard
Save the Construction expense and period
Factory area Land 35,683sqm Land, Factory area 15,183 sqm
Production volume 50,000 ton/ year
Product Spun Pile
Type/ shape PC and PHC
Advantages PHC pile is Prestressed High Strength Concrete Pile
Achieve excellent quality control because of manufactured in factory using High Strength Concrete and centrifugal technology to make cost effective.
Working load of PHC pile can be adjusted by changing diameter, concrete strength, thickness and prestressed wire size.
Installation of PHC pile using pre-bored method takes place gradually the instead of using bored pile, because of better quality control and less construction cost.
In most of the countries, like Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore are using PHC piles instead of RC precast piles.

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PC Spun Pile – Production Process

PC Spun Pile – Installation Process